Schedule of Events

Thursday 8/10/2023

4:00PM - 8:00PM

Packet Pickup is BACK at Deutsches Haus. Their new location is 1700 Moss St. Packet pickup opens at 4:00PM thru 8:00PM. Please be sure to bring your ID. Everyone must pickup their own packet and sign the attached liability waiver.


Friday 8/11/2023

4:00PM - 8:00PM

Packet Pickup at Deutsches Haus, 1700 Moss St. Bring your ID and remember each person mush sign the attached liablity waiver.


Saturday 8/12/2023


Kegs are tapped and packet pickup opens at Crescent Park.
Entrance to the park is on the west end near the intersection of Esplanade Ave & N Peters.

. If using a car service enter the Crescent Park Elevator as your destination. You want to end up near Esplanade Ave & N Peters. We will have foot access to the park via the loading ramp at the Governor Nicholls Warf and also the stairs/elevator into the park. Look for our volunteers directing the way. Some car services will bring you to the wrong end of the park.

Gates open and the KEGS ARE TAPPED for the 29th Annual Red Dress Run. DJ pRat and New Orleans Party Sound takes the stage.
(Thank you to our partners Miller/Coors Brewing Company, Abita Brewing Company, and Crescent Crown Distributing)

9:45 AM we start moving folks out to the starting line. There will be beer (and water) at the starting line.

10:00 AM Red Dress Runners line up on N Peters for the start of the run. Please note the new start time. We are trying to get folks through the course and back in the shade before the heat of the day.

11:00 AM Paperchase takes the stage.

11:30 AM Once the run is over, lunch is served. We need to give runners a chance to finish the event before we start serving food.

4:00 PM Another RDR is in the bag.

There are additional parking lots in the area as well as on street parking. Be aware that parking meters will be enforced on Saturday.

This year we're partnering with several restaurants and cooking clubs across the area to bring you several food choices.

A brief list of factoids to make your day easier and safer.

  • Can I transfer my registration?
    Yes. Check out
  • Can I customize my bib this year?
    Yes. Folks seem to enjoy cumming up with their own bib number. Up to 8 characters. Just visit after you register.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Sorry no pets allowed.
  • Can I bring my ice chest?
    You bet. No large ice chests and ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS. If you want to bring some adult beverages to the party be sure they're not in glass containers.
  • Can I bring in a folding chair?
    Sure. Bring a couple if you like.
  • Can I bring a pop-up tent.
    No tents allowed. We will have over 54000 square feet of shade available.
  • Can I bring my under-aged dependent child?
    Nope. Since this is a drinking event we cannot admit anyone under the age of 21. Every participant must show their photo id when collecting their wrist band
  • Can I pick up my husband/wife/sister/brother/son/uncle's packet?
    Nope. We have to check each person's ID when giving out packets. No exceptions. You must pick up our own packet.
  • Why do I have to wear my wristband when I pickup my packet. What if I don't want to wear it to work on Friday after the Thursday expo.
    We check your ID when you pickup your packet. Then we put a wristband on you. This way we know that you're not giving entry to the event for someone underage. If you can't wear your wristband to work on Friday then we suggest you pickup your packet Friday evening at the expo or Saturday morning.
  • Why don't you post the race course?
    Well, first off, this ain't a race; it's a run. And in keeping as closely as possible with the tradition of hashing we do not divulge the course ahead of time. You overachievers will just have to figure it out on Saturday.