NOH3 Red Dress Run Hash Hotel Wristbands


Below is the link to purchase a single wristband for Friday and Saturday nights of Red Dress Run at the Hash Hotel.
This payment link is for the entire cost of $100, which includes the wristband charge, taxes, and the Paypal processing fees.

There are a limited number of wristbands available due to the occupancy rating for the hotel property so they
are sold on a first come first served basis with hotel guests having priority for purchasing additional wristbands.
This is not registration for Red Dress Run.

This does not entitle you to a room at the hotel, but does entitle you to access to the hotel grounds, pools,
hashpitality suite (beer and food) on Friday and Saturday. It also includes dinner Saturday night after the RDR.

Wristbands are assigned to specific individuals, so please provide your nerd name below. We know sharing is caring, but no sharing wristbands.
Wristbands may be picked up by the individual listed below at the Expo or from Came Upon Me or Cooter Webs after Expo hours.
Each person must pickup their own wristband at the Expo or from CUM or CW NO EXCEPTIONS.
Nerd Name - Must rego for RDR
Please do not share this link with non-hashers or with individuals who are not registered for the Red Dress Run.
You must be a Hasher and must be registered for Red Dress Run in order to access the hotel.